My new life

If you’re wondering how I’ve been after I changed my work habits, I’m extremely happy to say I’m awesome. Naturally, it’s too early to say that the business won’t feel an impact of my new life, but hopefully my employees won’t feel too relaxed to do whatever they want. And you know, even if my bottom line goes down a bit, it’s worth it. My … Continue reading My new life


Upgrading my work

I’m finally home from my trips. As I mentioned before, I decided to change things. That’s why I hired two new truckers drivers who will take over my driving responsibilities and allow my business to grow. Therefore, I will stay home for much longer period of times and run my business from home. Obviously, I’ll have to change my life completely but in the long … Continue reading Upgrading my work

An update on the road

At the moment I’m setting to spend the night in my truck. I’ve already completed one delivery and picked up the cargo for another. But it’s late so I’ll set of in the morning. You know, I’ve been thinking. I love what I do for a living but at the moment I’m more of a trucker and very little a businessman. Because of that I … Continue reading An update on the road

My home activities

As I travel a lot, when I’m home my favorite activities are very calm. I play video games, online poker, watch TV, etc. However, I do have concerns over online poker. It’s a beautiful game, no doubt. But its future depends on people being able to access it freely. That’s why banning poker Brazil did concern me. Europe is already going through a phase of … Continue reading My home activities

I’m finally home

Yes, I am finally home. These were probably the busiest weeks of my entire career as a truck driver and a business owner. There’s so much work I’ve spent the last two weeks on the road. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. However, as I’ve noticed sort of a pattern over the years. Most likely October and November will be quite slow months workwise … Continue reading I’m finally home

Home Sweet Home

I spend about half of a year driving around the country and abroad. You know what, there’s no place like home. And this time I want to tell you a bit about mine. I’m married for 10 years now. We have 3 children – two boys and a girl. Matthew is 3 years old, Jane is 5 and Mark is 7. As our youngest will … Continue reading Home Sweet Home